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  MAY 2022

Address: Žalgirio g. 90-100, LT-09303 Vilnius

Phone: +37052080669


General Payment Service Agreement


a) Your service provider is GlobalNetint, UAB (acting under trading name “payswix”) (legal entity code 304604766, registered legal entity address at Lvovo str. 25-104, Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania, email address:, website:, data about the company is collected and stored at the Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Lithuania; Electronic Money Institution license No. 21, issued on 8 December 2017; issuing and supervisory body is the Bank of Lithuania (

b) UAB MontifyLT (hereinafter - “Payhof”) company code 30524362, registered address Žalgirio g. 90-100, LT-09303 Vilnius, Lithuania is an authorized Agent GlobalNetint, UAB and helps customers to reach services and create legal relationship between Clients and GlobalNetint, UAB. Payhof acts as registered intermediary to GlobalNetint, UAB therefore it acts as data controller as well.

c) You can contact Payhof at:

Phone: +37052080669


Address for correspondence: Žalgirio g. 90-100, LT-09303 Vilnius, Lithuania

d) This General Service Agreement, including its supplements, govern your use of the Services provided by Payhof.

e) Please read this document carefully before you decide to agree with it as it constitutes the legal binding relationship between you, Payhof and payswix. By using any of our Services described in this General Payment Service Agreement, its supplements, you are agreeing to be bound by it.

f)  Please note that various terms in this General Service Agreement have a defined meaning, which is set out in the point 1.6. “Definitions”.

g) Conditions of separate Services provided by Payhof are set in separate agreements for specific Services which prevail over other provisions of this General Payment Service Agreement.

h) Please pay attention that you may access Payhof partners services via Payhof system. If you choose to use such services, you have to provide your data to such partner and accept the terms & conditions of services set by that partner. Payhof shall only be an intermediary between you and the service provider and is not liable for the proper provision of such services.

i)   This General Payment Service Agreement is concluded with you in English language that will be the main communication language between the parties (unless otherwise provided).

1. General provisions


2. Registering in the system and creating an account

3. Prices of Payhof’s services and settlement procedure

4. Payhof account opening. Terms of issuance and redemption of electronic money

5. Usage of Payhof account

6. Reception of the payment order, requirements applied to the payment order and refusal to execute the payment order

7. Providing and cancellation of the consent, cancellation of the payment order

8. Security measures

9. Rights and Duties of the Client. Prohibited Activities

10. Sending notifications by the parties, communication and consultation of Clients

11. Amendments to the agreement

12.        Suspension of services provision

13.        Termination of the agreement


14.        Confidentiality and data protection

* The Client shall inform its customers, managers and beneficial owners that their personal data (namely from the copies of the national ID, passport, proof of address and IP address, if not specified overwise in the particular case) can be transferred to and / or processed by Payhof (and / or any other authorized institutions (including, but not limited to EU Member States)) in the view of lawful transactions and/or other financial activities. The Client shall obtain the consent from its customers and be liable for managing and/or transfer of its customers Personal data to Payhof and / or any other authorized institution.

** the Clients may opt out of direct marketing communications from Payhof at any time. If it prefers not to receive Payhof’s direct marketing communications, it shall inform Payhof by sending an email to or clicking on the opt-out link appearing in the newsletter.

15.        Liability of the parties

16.        Governing law and settlement of disputes between the client and Payhof

17.        Final provisions

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